The Exhibition Project

Music for Sculptures and Plastics

Austellung - (12.3MB Mp3) Hess/Thoughts Records

The Exhibition Project was intended to be an audible background for the annual exhibition of the HfbK Dresden in Summer 2002. The HfbK Dresden is a university of art located in Dresden, Germany.

Unfortunately because of technical difficulties the music could not be performed during the exhibition.

If you download the Mp3 file linked via Austellung, you get the whole Exhibition Project Final Release. The sound track contains three parts of different themes, each separated by an intro. The first two intros give you an audible feeling for the work you have to do to create sculptures in stone.

The picture on the top and the one on the slider related to this side, show experimental work of the students. Photography by Codin-Sorel Ureche

The play list:

1. Intro FX

2. Kalimba

3. Intro Lachen

4. Lachen

5. Intro The Guitar

6. Crazy Guitar


"Lachen" - Laughing, Students have fun during their work; samples of their beautiful laughing got used to create this theme.

The third intro "The Guitar" and the theme "Crazy Guitar" uses E- and Bass Guitar samples provided by Denis Nareike.

©2003 Hess/Thoughts Records