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Deep Base Acid

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Shots - enhanced loops

The Tracks on this selection are looped material only. Meaning the tracks never got ready. So you have some drum pattern, rolling the whole time overlaid by an acid line. That's why I called it "Shots".

The "Deep Bass Acid" and the "Acid Tech" shot are two examples for an old acid line but still fresh, I think.

The "CRR Demo" is a shot based on the default songs of two beautiful music programs made by Propellerhead Software. If you start Reason (v1.0.1) and ReBirth together you will have the same set of patterns and instruments like used on this shot. All I did is some automation to glue them together.

Thanks to the Propellerheads ! Did they know that the defaults fit that well?

If you know the program Fruity Loops you will say, yes the "Space" shot sounds like Fruity Loops.

The fifth shot is a really very basic loop only. Even it has no name. I did it with a friend on an otherwise boring Sunday afternoon.

If you have nothing to do, there's still music to listen to, music to be mixed together or music waiting to be created.

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Acid Tech

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CRR Demo

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Shot V

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